The province of KwaZulu-Natal is renowned for its conservation efforts to repopulate and save the Rhino species. Today, roughly 21% of South Africa’s White Rhinos, and 24% of the country’s critically endangered Black Rhino species, are found in KZN. As a result of the ongoing battle against poaching, and the need to pool resources and collaborate, Tandem Tyres together with Rhino Tyres have committed themselves to supporting the Project Rhino KZN foundation in its cause to "SAVE OUR RHINO". Both the owners of Tandem Tyres and Rhino Tyres felt compelled to act and have jointly committed to donating R10 for every Rhino tyre sold in South Africa.

Visit the Project Rhino website for more information.


By purchasing any Rhino Tyre, you help give the endangered Rhino a fighting chance. For every tyre purchased we will donate R10 per tyre to the Project Rhino KZN fund. The funds raised will go towards better equipping our game rangers, and most importantly educating communities, so as to win the WAR and save our precious Rhino. Andrea Nel, owner of Tandem Tyres, puts it succinctly; "We are doing this because we care, about today, about tomorrow, about our Partners, because it's right".