A Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is an electronic system designed to monitor the air pressure inside the pneumatic tyres on various types of vehicles. A TPMS reports real-time tyre pressure information to the driver of the vehicle through sensors mounted inside the tyre to measure the pressure directly and then transmits this information wirelessley, via a display, or a simple low-pressure warning light / alarm.

Significant advantages of TPMS:

  • Fuel savings: for every 10% of under-inflation on each tyre on a vehicle, a 1% reduction in fuel economy will occur.
  • Extended tyre life: Under inflated tyres are the #1 cause of tyre failure and contribute to tyre disintegration, heat build-up, ply separation and sidewall/casing breakdowns. It is important to note that not all sudden tyre failures are caused by under-inflation.
  • Decreased downtime and maintenance: Under-inflated tyres lead to costly hours of downtime and maintenance.
  • Improved safety: Under-inflated tyres lead to tread separation and tyre failure, resulting in 40,000 accidents, 33,000 injuries and over 650 deaths per year. Further, tyres properly inflated add greater stability, handling and braking efficiencies and provide greater safety for the driver, the vehicle, the loads and others on the road.
  • Environmental efficiency: Under-inflated tyres, as estimated by the Department of Transportation, release over 26 billion kilograms of unnecessary carbon-monoxide pollutants into the atmosphere each year.



For OTR Trucks

TPMS - OTR is specifically designed for wheel constructional machinery. The system consists of a monitor, transmitter and hand tool (optional).

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TRUCK (Rigid)

TPMS - TRUCK is designed for trucks, including container carrier truck, dump truck etc.

The system consists of a large LCD scr een monitor, external antenna and cable, screw-on transmitters, which is ideal for truck fleets. The system can support maximum 38 wheels.

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TRUCK (Interchangeable trailers)

TPMS – TRUCK – INTERCHANGEABLE TRAILERS is designed for mid-siz ed trucks and heavy trucks, including container carrier truck, dump truck, semi-trailer and car go trailers etc.

The system consists of a large LCD screen monitor, smart booster, hand tool and screw-on transmitters, which is ideal for logistics or mining enterprises which use tractor with different trailers.

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TPMS - CAR is an aftermarket model, designed for cars.

The system consists of a monitor on rear-view mirror and internal transmitters, classic design make it an ideal choice for high-end customers.

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