General Description

TPMS - CAR is an aftermarket model, designed for cars. The system consists of internal transmitters, flip-cover type & streamline monitor.

Product Features

  • Monitor installed on dashboard, adjustable large LCD display for easy screen view
  • Dual power supply modes with lighter plug and batteries for customer's choice
  • Internal transmitters suitable for various wheel rims
  • High-performance materials which are waterproof and wear-resistant

Alarm Functions

  • High Temperature Alarm issued when tyre temperature exceeds 75°C.
  • Low Pressure Level 1 Alarm issued when tyre pressure is 12.5% lower than the standard pressure.
  • Low Pressure Level 2 Alarm issued when tyre pressure is 25% lower than the standard pressure.
  • Low Pressure Level 3 Alarm issued when tyre pressure is 50% lower than the standard pressure.
  • High Pressure Alarm issued when tyre pressure is 25% higher than the standard pressure.
  • Fast Leak Alarm issued when pressure inside the tyre drops more than 3psi within 12s.
  • Transmitter Trouble Alarm issued when transmitter fails to work or there is RF interference.
  • Warning of Low Battery Power issued when battery inside monitor has low power.

Operation Function

  • Switch Power Supply Mode Automatically: dual power supply modes, rechargeable battery and vehicle power through a lighter plug can be switched automatically to ensure full-time monitoring.
  • Sleep Mode: the monitor will enter sleep mode for power saving when vehicle is static.
  • Transmitter ID Inquiry and programming: transmitter ID can be programmed for easy replacement.
  • Standard Pressure Programming: standard pressure for each tyre can be programmed on monitor.



  • High quality surface processing
  • Adjustable viewing angle for easy view
  • Can be placed at various positions in the vehicle
  • Mid-frequency, 433.92MHz
  • Receiving Sensitivity, -95dBm
  • Input Voltage: 1.5V X 2(Battery)
  • 5V(Lighter Plug)
  • Operating Temperature, -30°C˜+75°C
  • Dimension, 92x69x20mm


  • Flattened design for application on various wheel rims.
  • High-performance material ensures moisture proof, anti-vibration and weather proof feature.
  • Full-time monitoring of pressure and temperature.
  • Quick response to improper tyre pressure condition.
  • Mid-frequency, 433.92MHz
  • Transmitting Power: 0dBm
  • Pressure Monitoring Range: 0-8bar/0-116psi
  • Pressure Monitoring Precision: ±0.1 bar/±1.5 psi
  • Operating Temperature: -40"C-+125"C
  • Battery Life: 5-7 years
  • Dimension: 79x59x23mm

Dual Power Supply Modes

Lighter plug and batteries.

Monitor can switch the 2 modes automatically to ensure monitoring pressure anytime, safe and convenient.